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Korra – Shaft Bender

Korra, a beautiful woman is a guards’ nightmare. She can make anyone more horny. And since the story takes place in an hentai comic parody which is a parody comics hentai, the guards will become more horny and take advantage of their dominating position. Although Korra may initially react in a threatening manner, she’ll soon realize that it’s much more fun than sitting alone in a cold dungeon cell.

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[Palcomix] Camp Woody – Bending Break Beyond

Katara believes that, even when it’s just a training session and she’s not supposed to be a reward for Aang for the hard work he did. What is the best way to do that for Aang, a young man, than to let him get a girl who likes him! It’s that simple. You expected more than the comics that parody the hentai.

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Hentai parodies have an amazing benefit: they allow us to experience our favorite characters in situations not feasible in the official cartoons or videogames. Imagine Korra becoming a sexy playingthing in the glare of sexy guards. This is exactly what happens in these comics that are full-color!

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[Polyle] Caged with a Ghost (The Vet of Korra)

You’ll be pleased to find out that Korra finds herself in another fight box in the course of her adventures. But, if you’re a fan of hentai and you are a fan of hentai parody, the outcome isn’t likely to surprise you. The motto within the steel dome could bethe phrase”more fighting andeven more fucking!’. This is the problem Korra is facing.

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online porn game

This story is short and easy to follow. It’s a story that reveals an aspect of Korra the most loved avatar of her, her predominant furtanari. Who betterto do this than a petite but very horny chick with a tight tummy and nice tits yet will endure all that Korra’s futacock has to offer. They are having a blast!

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[Deesky] Dreaming

Having Korra just barely dressed and tied to the bed is most likely the dream of every male character in the “Avatar: The Legend of Korra” cartoon series… and somehowone of them has been able to bring this bizarre idea to become true! Is he really just making up this? You can check out the comcis, and watch sexy scenes. Full color, English version in the language of your choice.

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The legend of Korra – Public Baths

Baths in public aren’t the best place to allow Korra to conceal her identity as a futanari… but you’ll soon see that she doesn’t need to. This can be shocking to Asami however it could result in some sexually hot scenes! Hot and naked cartoon girls are in the bath together. These amazing things can happen only in the form of hentai-themed parodies!

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Legend of Korra – Under my thumb

It appears that private training sessions with Korra are actually way more enjoyable and challenging than you ever imagined. What could go different if the story was actually a beautifully drawn parody comics hentai? Ofcourse all the characters that are part of the story are bound to be a fuck in one or another way! Let’s read it and discover who and what and what they do…

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Even if you’re not a person who is a fan of “Avatar The Legend of Korra” animated series , you likely have heard that its main heroine Korra is… well she’s more into girls in a way. What if she is just ignorant and has never had a relationship with a man of his kind before? Mako appears to be asking the same questionand tonight Mako is going to eventually make an appearance on Korra and if you want to know what happens, just read this not very long comic strip!

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[Deesky] Dreaming: Korra’s wet dream!

Korra Hentai Porn DoujinshiKorra Hentai Porn Doujinshi (more…)

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