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Legend of Korra – Under my thumb

It appears that private training sessions with Korra are actually way more enjoyable and challenging than you ever imagined. What could go different if the story was actually a beautifully drawn parody comics hentai? Ofcourse all the characters that are part of the story are bound to be a fuck in one or another way! Let’s read it and discover who and what and what they do…

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Even if you’re not a person who is a fan of “Avatar The Legend of Korra” animated series , you likely have heard that its main heroine Korra is… well she’s more into girls in a way. What if she is just ignorant and has never had a relationship with a man of his kind before? Mako appears to be asking the same questionand tonight Mako is going to eventually make an appearance on Korra and if you want to know what happens, just read this not very long comic strip!

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